Provisional restorations, also known as temporary restorations, are used during complex restorative procedures to protect treated teeth until a permanent restoration can be created and placed. A provisional restorations lets you get a feel for how the final prosthetic will look, feel and function so that any changes to the final prosthetic can be made before it is placed. Advances in dentistry have made temporary restorations highly functional and aesthetic. At Smile Moderne, our provisional restorations are made of quality acrylic resin that mimics the appearance and feel of both metal and ceramic permanent restorations.

Provisional restorations offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Preventing the surrounding teeth from moving
  • Reserving space for the permanent restoration
  • Protecting the tooth from decay-causing factors in the mouth
  • Minimizing or preventing tooth sensitivity
  • Facilitating normal oral function, including eating and speaking
  • Preserving the health and appearance of the gum tissue in the treated area

If you are receiving a new dental crown, a bridge, veneers or a dental implant you may be provided with a temporary restoration. You may need to wear your temporary restoration for a few days or for several months depending on the type of treatment you are receiving. Temporaries used in place of crowns or veneers are usually worn for a few weeks at the most, where temporaries for those receiving implants or another intensive treatment may need to be worn for several months.

Temporaries can easily be damaged or shift out of place. Please follow Dr. Chris’s instructions on caring for your temporary to help keep it in good condition. These instructions include using good oral hygiene, abiding by any dietary restrictions and using an athletic mouth guard when participating in sports or other high-impact activities.

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