Crown lengthening is a gum treatment performed for both health and function as well as aesthetics. Our dentist most frequently recommends crown lengthening to treat “gummy smiles”, a condition which occurs due to excessive gum tissue and which makes your teeth appear abnormally short and which causes your gums to appear bulky. Crown lengthening corrects this problem so that your teeth appear a normal length and shape.

Crown lengthening may also be recommended to make a restorative or cosmetic treatment possible. For example, it may be necessary if a tooth is broken at or below the gum line or if you do not have enough tooth structure to receive a restorative treatment. Crown lengthening exposes more of your tooth so that a crown or bridge can be placed or another restorative procedure performed.

When you receive crown lengthening, Dr. Chris will trim away a small amount of gum tissue, revealing more of your tooth structure to give you a healthier and more aesthetic appearance. This treatment can usually be completed in a single appointment at Smile Moderne.

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