Dental sealants are a type of preventive treatment that works to protect your teeth from cavities and decay. Our experienced dentist usually provides sealants for children after their permanent teeth begin to erupt (usually around age 6, though the permanent teeth continue to erupt until around age 12), but sealants may also be recommend for adults who are at greater risk of developing tooth decay or who may have sustained damage from tooth decay in the past that was not properly restored.

Sealants are made from clear or tooth-colored resin material. This resin material is painted onto the surface of the tooth, forming a protective coating to shield the tooth and block out decay-causing bacteria and food debris. This smooth coating over the natural pits and grooves of the teeth also makes it easier to properly clean your teeth with normal brushing and flossing. Dental sealants can be applied comfortably and in just a few minutes as part of your regular dental checkups. While sealants are temporary, they do last for several years and will continue to provide protection for your teeth until they wear off.

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