With an intraoral camera, our dentist can view your mouth in greater detail to provide you with more precise and effective care. Intraoral cameras are small pen-shaped tools used to view inside your mouth. Because this camera is so small, our dentist can maneuver it easily within your mouth to get a clear view of all areas of your mouth, including those that are difficult or impossible to examine visually. These images are captured in color and are projected onto a nearby monitor where they can be easily viewed. This makes it possible for Dr. Chris to diagnose tooth decay, periodontal disease and tooth damage without difficulty. Using an intraoral camera, we can also follow-up on a treatment to make sure that it is providing the expected results.

Not only are intraoral cameras an excellent tool to aid in diagnosing and treating dental problems, they are also a fantastic educational tool. When the captured images are brought up on the screen, both you and our dentist can view them. This means that you can see and understand exactly what is happening in your mouth. Our office can also send the photos captured by the camera to specialists and to insurance companies as needed.

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