At Smile Moderne, we make your health and comfort our top priorities. As part of this commitment, our dentist uses only electric handpieces when performing your treatments. These handpieces make it possible for us to provide you with treatments that are more effective and more comfortable and which improve your overall experience in our practice.

There are two main types of dental handpieces – electric and air driven. Electric handpieces are driven by a motor instead of by compressed air, which makes them stronger, quieter and smoother than other types of handpieces. Electric handpieces also remove the “drilling sound” associated with dental offices, making your experience more comfortable for your ears and less stress-inducing overall. They also make it easy for our dentist to provide precise treatments due to the fact that the handpieces are stronger and smoother in terms of function. This allows our dentist to easily remove tooth decay or other damaged tooth tissue with minimal or no discomfort to you. Electric handpieces also perform work more quickly, making your appointment shorter.

We invite you to call our office at (949) 554-1563 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Chris and learn more about the benefits of electric handpieces in Laguna Niguel, California.