If your child has an infected tooth, our experienced dentist may recommend pulp therapy to remove the infection and restore their oral health. Pulp therapy, also known as pulpotomy or “baby tooth root canal,” is a type of endodontic treatment used on baby teeth when decay or injury reaches the innermost layer of the tooth. When this pulpy area is damaged, children often experience tooth pain and sensitivity, and the tooth may end up dying and needing to be extracted. Pulpotomy works to prevent the need for extraction so that your child can keep their tooth.

When your child receives a pulpotomy, we will remove the decayed and damaged tissue from within the tooth. The tooth will then be sterilized. Unlike regular root canals, the tooth nerves are not removed or treated during a pulpotomy. If there is healthy pulp and it is not removed, a therapeutic dressing will be used to help maintain that healthy pulp within the tooth. After all decayed and damaged pulp is removed and the tooth is cleaned, we will provide a dental crown for your child. We usually recommend stainless steel crowns for children.

Dr. Chris may recommend a pulpotomy for permanent teeth if decay or infection has reached the dental pulp but the majority of the pulp is still healthy. A partial pulpotomy may be recommended if the tooth roots have not yet finished forming, as this treatment will allow the tooth the opportunity to finish developing.

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